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About Lindsey

Lindsey Spragg

Lindsey Spragg is a CPA, CGA, and an FPSC Level 1 Certificant in Financial Planning. She has 15 years of experience in many industries, which has enabled her to successfully build a broad-based public practice addressing her clients needs throughout the changing circumstances of business and personal life. Lindsey is a partner in TLDS Professional Corporation and TDS Management Inc.

Throughout her career, Lindsey has demonstrated a passion for going above and beyond client expectations, and is always seeking to improve, learn more, and see the bigger picture. Lindsey gained experience in many different areas, ranging from general accounting, forecasting and budgeting, to business management, banking and tax before taking the step into public practice. She began working with Tom Davies in 2011, providing services in a range of areas that included personal taxes, small business accounting and reporting, and operated as Controller for a large client in the urban planning and project management industry. As part of her on-going professional development, Lindsey is currently pursuing her Certified Financial Planning designation, in order to increase her knowledge in financial planning and meet her clients growing needs in this area.

In addition to working as a professional accountant, Lindsey also teaches yoga and Pilates in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood. She believes wholeheartedly in the many life lessons a consistent yoga practice can provide and brings those tools learned on the mat to her work and life. Lindsey continues to cultivate the determination and patience that enable her to always be available for her clients when needed, and achieve the best possible outcomes for both personal and business financial objectives.